A Look at the Latest Trends in Photo Booths

Photo booths have become hugely popular at special events and parties of all kinds, from corporate events to sweet 16 parties. And the technology that lies behind these photos booths has also greatly improved, offering party planners more options than ever before. Continue reading to take a look at a few of the latest fun trends in photo booths so that you can choose the right photo booth for your next event.

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Green Screens in Photo Booths

The creativity never ends when you have a green screen photo booth at your party. With this type of photo booth, your party guests could choose whatever background they wish to add to the images that are taken of them in the booth. Guests are basically superimposed on any background that they choose, so they have more freedom to get the pictures that they want, rather than being forced to have photos taken on a fixed background. And the backdrops that are used could be a lot of fun too, as your guests could take photos with celebrities or they could put themselves into exotic locations from around the globe, as a couple of examples.

Photo Booths That Add Glam Filters

Have you heard of glam booths? If not, you are sure to see them at a party soon. Basically, these could make the photo booth experience even more entertaining for guests, especially those guests who really love spending time on Snapchat playing with all the fun filters. That’s because this type of photo booth will add a beauty filter to your guests’ faces, thereby covering up imperfections and making them look even more beautiful than they already are. Your guests will feel like models while they are in the booth and they will absolutely love the way that they look once the images are produced.

GIFs Created by Photo Booths

GIFs are super popular online, and people are even posting them all over social media because they are so much fun. So it should come as no surprise that there are now GIF photo booths that you can rent for your next event. Basically, these photo booths are designed to let your guests make their very own GIFs featuring themselves. Several pictures will be taken by the booth and the booth’s technology will then loop those images together to create a short but entertaining clip. Your guests will get a print of their images if they want, but they will also get the GIF that they can share online. How neat is that?

As you can see, photo booths have come a really long way since the traditional photo booths of the past were introduced. These days, you can choose from a wide range of photo booths that could make your guests look fantastic and that could even produce animated GIFs that could be shared on social media. So, the next time that you need a photo booth for an event that you’re planning, keep these trends in mind to find the booth that will thrill your guests.