How to Make your Wedding Pictures Out of this World

Your wedding is a wonderful time for celebrating the union of you and your partner. Many couples hire expensive photographers in order to capture their special day in the best manner possible. This is especially common for weddings with large budgets, especially when a lot of money is being spent on the wedding venue and decorations. Couples want to make their wedding look magical and dreamy. If you do not have an extra-large budget for your wedding, then there are some things that can be done to enhance your wedding pictures. In this article we will explore some tips on making your wedding pictures look out of this world.


Picking your venue is one of the most important decisions you will be making for your wedding. If you pick a venue that is a historic hotel or church, then you already have many opportunities for magical pictures. The charm of a historic hotel or church adds a lot of character to your pictures. If your venue does not have any of these properties, then it would be best to incorporate some natural scenery into your wedding pictures. This can even be accomplished in public parks, which will not cost anything additional for using the space for pictures. If using a public park, then make sure to schedule your photoshoot outside of peak hours.


Having the proper lighting for your wedding pictures is absolutely crucial. There are portable lights that can be rented or bought, depending on your budget. This will give your photographer much more flexibility when they are taking your pictures. Portable lights are also helpful for wedding venues that are naturally dark. Ballrooms can lack the proper lighting in certain areas. Having portable lights set in different areas of your venue will create spaces that will be ideal for photography. This will allow your guests to have their pictures taken in well-lit areas.

Adding a Special Flare

Many couples are choosing to have an element of magic in their pictures. This does not mean using Photoshop to make your pictures magical. Adding things like bubbles or sparklers are a great way of making your wedding pictures look magical. Using large sparklers can do wonders for night time pictures. This can be achieved by having your guests hold out sparklers as you and your partner make your exit. Conversely, you can have your guests blow bubbles if your exit will be during the day. Make sure to check out valuable resources for wedding planning like this one for more ideas on other things to add to your wedding. There are endless possibilities for improving your wedding pictures through the use of props that are inexpensive.

Weddings are special and are meant to be remembered. Whenever planning a wedding make sure to keep your photographer and wedding pictures on top of your priority list. Low quality pictures can ruin your wedding day memories no matter how great your wedding day was in reality. Invest more time and energy into planning for your pictures and you will not be disappointed.