Legal Considerations if Your Photography Studio Has a Lawsuit

While you can take a picture anywhere you please as long as you’ve got a camera, doing it inside your photography studio provides you with full control of how you want your shots to turn out. After all, most people want their precious moments documented in a controlled setting and captured on a piece of photo paper that can last for generations. However, you might have forgotten to deliver the photos that some of your customers paid you to take inside your photography studio, which led them to file a lawsuit against your business. Below are some legal considerations for you to take note of in case some of your photography studio’s customers have sued you.

  • You shouldn’t delete, destroy, or sell any photos that you took of the customers who filed a lawsuit against you.

In a hurried attempt to escape from any liability that your photography studio may have in the case of a lawsuit filed by former customers, you may have decided to erase their photos, shred them, or offer them to a stock image website at a discounted price. Not keeping all of the photos of your previous customers can embroil you in further legal trouble, so once the lawyer of your photography studio’s former customers issues you with a restraining order that forces you to preserve all the photos that you took, as well as your business records, you should comply with it.

  • You should either give back the money that your former customers paid you for your services or get their photos done to their satisfaction.

The lawsuit that your photography studio’s former customers filed against you can end with you giving them their rightful compensation by doing either of the following:

  • Return the money that they paid you when they first had their pictures shot inside your photography studio
  • Finish what you’ve started, and deliver their photos to them – though you shouldn’t try doing anything malicious while processing all of the photos that you owe them.
  • You can countersue against your photography studio’s former customers once you’ve successfully proven that the action they took against you was abusive.

Maybe your customers filed a lawsuit against you to milk some money out of your business. Once you’ve proven that you offered them another photo shoot at little to no cost to make up for not having delivered to them their original photos, and the judge hearing the lawsuit took your side, you can sue your photography studio’s former customers for damages.

In 2015, photography studios across the entire United States amassed revenues of up to more than four billion dollars. Your photography studio might be losing a portion of its revenue, though, to pay for a lawyer who’s currently helping you defend your business from a lawsuit that your former customers filed against you. Having to show up to every hearing sucks for sure, but as long as you’ve kept in mind the above-listed legal considerations you’ll be on the right path.