Photography Tips on Safer and Accident-Free Shoots

One can consider photography a high-risk job, especially as some photographers are continuously testing the limits of what they can do by taking dangerous chances all in the name of a perfect shot. You may find yourself putting one foot in the grave from time to time so that you can capture photos that are sure to become the envy of your fellow photographers.

These types of difficult shots might garner you some recognition in your field as well. However, getting injured in the middle of a photo shoot simply isn’t worth the risk, which is why as much as you want to get the perfect shot, you should observe these tips on how to make your photo shoots safe and accident-free.

  • Scout the location of your photo shoot before taking any pictures.

Your excitement to do a photo shoot in an exotic location that you aren’t familiar with at all can cost both your life and limb if you are involved in an accident after stepping on an unstable, uneven, or slippery surface. Before commencing with your photo shoot, you should do a thorough survey of your desired shooting location first and check for any accident-prone areas that could endanger not only your life but that of any models and crew that you’ve brought along with you.

  • Take your eyes off your camera while walking.

Capturing the perfect shot may be your ultimate goal for each of your photo shoots, but you’ll also want to accomplish that without getting injured at all.

  • If you’ve fallen into the habit of looking through your camera’s viewfinder or staring at its LCD screen while walking at the same time, your focus gets distracted, which might then cause you to stumble and fall.
  • You’ll, therefore, want to move your camera away from you every time that you have to take a walk so that you can watch your step and not get caught in a slip and fall accident.
  • Place any lighting gear that you’ve brought along for your photo shoot in areas where no one will accidentally stumble upon them.

In case you’ve decided to do a photo shoot at night, you should position all your lighting gear in places where few people are passing by to reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident occurring to anyone and to prevent them from suddenly falling as well.

According to a survey conducted by The Photo Society, 12 of its 45 member photographers were involved in a slip and fall accident while shooting photos for the National Geographic Society’s namesake magazine. You may not be a member of The Photo Society, but you can nonetheless be  caught up in an accident while searching for the perfect shot of your chosen subject. This can lead to you being injured and demanding compensation with the help of a lawyer from whoever was ultimately responsible for the incident. You should bear in mind the above-listed tips on how you can make your photo shoots safer and accident-free so that you can avoid succumbing to injuries caused by a slip and fall.