Real Estate Photography- How it should be done?

For those tech-savvy customers who prefer to search for properties online, having the right photographs makes all the difference between a promising conversion or just a scroll towards a competitors ad.

Photographing a property is not just about showing what lies in store for the potential client, you can also give the options of videos- both regular and 360֩ to give the client a realistic idea of how he can imagine himself in the property.

With demand slowing and competition high, it is imperative that you hire a professional photographer to market the property well. This is one of the most crucial aspects of your marketing budgets for selling a property.

Seeking Attention

You need to ensure that each successive photograph gets potential clients even more interested in the property. This can be done by ensuring that each of the photos clicked have to be about the entire property and not just about a certain aspect about it- you cannot just upload photos of the exterior of the home, you need to show the interiors of the home with various angles, ensuring that each angle shows how homely and spacious the property actually is.

Being Truthful

If the property is not in the best shape, you cannot over-hype about it by photoshopping everything about it. For example, if the house needs a paint job, you need to take actual pictures, let the client know that the house is to be painted.

Strategically hiding the flaws

All properties have their own flaws, some may have issues with their plumbing while others may have a lawn that may not have been mowed for ages. You need to take the photographs in such a way so as to strategically hide these flaws and ensure that the photo captures just what is needed. If the flaws are shown, there is a possibility that the customer may lose interest and move to the next property.

Highlight the best features

The property may have a great view of the lake nearby, or it may be in a neighbourhood that is extremely friendly and peaceful. Through the photographs, you need to depict this to give a accurate representation of the property, while also ensuring that the user gets an element of fascination from the images. The photographs should literally tell a story about the property. You can ensure this by clicking the images at the right time of the day when the light balance is perfect.

Post Processing

You would always expect the photographs quality to be the best at all times, wouldn’t you? Any glares, unwanted and unexplained shadows or other unexplained lights would not be appreciated- each photo has to be of the best quality at all times. For this, you can outsource the post processing of the photos to professionals who will give them a truly classy look.

In short, you cannot just put a set of stock pictures of the property online. It should highlight the features of the property as against various seasons-the sunlight falling on the verandah, the snowflakes on the door and so on.

But care has to be taken that the right photos are displayed at the right time- you cannot post pictures of a snow-clad front lawn during the height of summer. This might give the impression that you aren’t serious about selling the property.

Each property that is being sold should have a background story to it. The photographs should complement this.  Professional photographers and videographers who have an experience with real estate photographers can give you an immense benefit to market any property that has to be sold at the earliest. In this competitive age, hiring professionals is not a luxury but a necessity.