Should you wear different coloured jeans (and not always blue)?

Denim jeans sure look good but there is a world beyond blue jeans too. No wonder why brands like Zara and Anne Taylor produce coloured jeans. I know, you must already have a pair of DIY faded jeans in your closet but if you haven’t yet tried coloured jeans, it is time you do. Whether it’s red, blue, black, white, green, khaki, beige, the colour choices are unlimited.

I agree blue jeans are a timeless choice as long as you follow the dos and don’ts of wearing them but you are missing a lot of fun by not wearing other colours. If it helps, lots of celebrities are seen wearing coloured jeans too so you won’t be the odd one out there. And if all of your friends are wearing different colours, then you should too.

Experimenting with the color of your jeans does not necessarily mean that you suddenly start wearing green jeans and orange socks. If you are incorporating colour for the first time, you need to be very subtle. The trend of coloured jeans started in the year 2010. After a year or so, it faded but they didn’t completely go away. Lately, coloured jeans have popped out again and they are available in lots of great shades. It’s totally cool if you are thinking to wear a different colour jeans. Here are some tips to style your new look:

  • Not sure what colours will look good? When in doubt, go for neutrals such as cream, gray and black.Yes, black is considered coloured jeans too.
  • Are confident with your style? Why not choose bold colours then? They always look good in spring and summer seasons. Just make sure they fit your personality well and everyone will admire your look.
  • If you are going to wear accessories, then you must aim for something that complements your colours. Let’s suppose you are wearing red pants. Instead of wearing matching accessories, choose something that has minimal red accents. Pick the right socks as well.
  • As long as you have picked a neutral colour for your jeans, you can pick any shoes. Wedge sandals are always the trendiest choice when it comes to jeans but you can also wear kitten heels, flat sandals or stilettos. If the weather is cold, then go for ankle boots or knee-high riding boots.
  • If you are wearing pastel color jeans, then pick a blazer or a cardigan sweater in a neutral color. If you want something bold, then choose a leather jacket.
  • Stick with light makeup particularly when you are wearing coloured jeans. Don’t opt for a bright nail polish or an eye shadow that outshines your jeans.

You know your personality better than anyone else. If there are certain colours that don’t look good on you, then don’t choose them. Stick to your favorite shades and keep on experimenting. After all, fashion is all about playing with styles that make you feel comfortable. For those of you who haven’t yet tried coloured jeans, you must! They are now able in various patterns too.