Tips and Tricks for Fabulous Wedding Pics

Whether your dream wedding is a white wonder in the middle of winter or a spring wedding full of early spring flowers, getting the right pictures ensures you will always remember that day. But how does anyone who isn’t a professional ensure that the wedding photos they have really reflect that joyous day?

From the moment you step out the door to your wedding until the last guests head for home, taking the right pictures requires more than just the right equipment. It needs a few tips and tricks from the pros, like the ones you see at Global Express Wedding. But here are a few ideas you can try for yourself.

Planning is Everything

The first tip is to make sure that you have planned every aspect of the shoot before the wedding day. Yes, you want to leave room for being off the cuff when the perfect photo looms before you. Being flexible is always the sign of a good event photographer. But make that list of must have pics that you worked out with the bride and groom in advance.

Then walk through the event in your mind, and even physically walk the space before the wedding day if you have the time. This will give you ideas on where the ideal shots may happen. Being prepared is more than just a good idea for boy scouts, it is essential for a wedding photographer.

Consider the Guests

If you can, get some time with the bride and groom before the wedding day to talk about who the guests are, their relationship to the wedding party and any background you should know. This will inform your shots and give you some ideas of groupings.

You will then know who might just drink and be a bit of a clown and who will give that perfect emotional shot. The guests can sometimes give some truly amazing and personal shots when caught in a candid moment, so keep them in mind when planning out the day.

Have the Right Tools at Hand

While you may not need every camera at every wedding, the lay of the land and the tone of the guests can often drive a shoot. So, if you see in your walk-through that a panorama of the location will look beautiful, be sure you have that lens with you on the day.

Come prepared, but don’t be so over prepared that you look like a caricature of a wedding photographer. If you can rope someone in to be your assistant, all the better. That way you have someone to carry that bag of lenses and you can concentrate on taking the shot.

Stay Cool

The bottom line is always to remember to keep your cool when things go wrong. If you have done enough events you know that something always does, and when it does the real pros are the ones that roll with it and keep shooting.

In fact, if the snafu is with the wedding party, it is the perfect moment to shoot. Catch that unexpected moment of happiness or confusion, and let the bride and groom decide if they want to keep a memory of that moment. You will have done your job by keeping your cool and making the shot.