What to Do if You’re Injured on Your Way to a Photograph Shoot

You may have been on your way to a photography client’s home or office after he or she requested your photography services, but instead of arriving back safely after wrapping the shoot, you suddenly became involved in a vehicle accident. Unfortunately, you may have sustained physical injuries near your eyes, on your hands, or on your arms, all of which are essential parts of your body that you simply can’t do without given your chosen line of work. You should take care of yourself by doing the following after your vehicular accident.

  • Seek medical attention immediately.

You shouldn’t leave untreated any injuries that you received in the vehicular accident, as doing so might make them worse than they already are, which could really get in the way of your work and income as a photographer.

  • If you can barely move after your vehicular mishap, you can dial the statewide number for emergency medical services and wait for them to arrive and help you.
  • Otherwise, you can hail a ride to the nearest hospital to get yourself checked further by medical staff there.
  • Take pictures of the vehicular accident if you’re able to do so.

Since photography is your passion, you can use it even in a situation as bad as your vehicular accident. You’ll have to shoot without much of your equipment, though as simple, well-taken shots of the site of your vehicular accident will do best, and perhaps some of your equipment was damaged in the accident.

  • File a compensation claim against the insurance provider of the driver who caused your vehicular accident.

Aside from having sustained some physical injuries as a result of the vehicular accident, your vehicle and some of your more expensive photography equipment might have been damaged, too.

  • With the help of a lawyer who you’ve contacted for legal assistance, you can demand compensation from the driver responsible for your vehicular accident by way of their insurance provider.
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance provider will look into your compensation claim, and if they’ve determined that their client can be held liable for your vehicular accident, they’re supposed to give you an ample amount of compensation that should cover not only your medical expenses but all damages to your vehicle and photography equipment as well.

Around 20 to 50 million people all over the world are injured or disabled each year in vehicular accidents according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. Photography is not only a challenging job, but it’s a very active job that often requires lots of travelling in a car or on foot to get to exotic locations, studio photo shoots, and more. Photography is more than just taking pictures with your camera, especially as you may find yourself bringing several pieces of expensive, heavy, and delicate equipment with you while on your way to a photo shoot. And getting that perfect shot sometimes involves taking risks during the photo shoot. Now you know what to do if you’re injured on your way to a client or to a photoshoot.